Download IP Blacklist Cloud Plugin

About Plugin

IP Blacklist Cloud plugin allows you to blacklist IP addresses from visiting your WordPress website and block usernames from spamming. Also, it submits your website link to the blocked IP database on which gives the other users to view how many sites have blocked the specific IP and see their comments.


Download plugin from directory.

How Does it Work

1. If you want to block an IP manually, you can do this by providing IP in admin menu "IP Blacklist->Add IP to Blacklist".

2. If any visitor try to login with bruteforce attacks or scripts, you can view IP and details on "Failed Login" and blacklist the IP.

For example:

3. Once you black listed the IP address, the visitor will not be able to view any content of your website and also post your website name on IP Blacklist Cloud.

4.You can delete any IP from blacklist by visiting admin menu "IP Blacklist->Blacklist" and it will also remove your site link and name from the list of websites which have blocked that specific IP.

5. You can leave comments on IP Blacklist Cloud so that other users can get the idea why this IP have been blocked by your site.