IP Blacklist Cloud Server


IP Blacklist Cloud Server lets you manage multiple WordPress websites. You can synchronize blacklisted IP address, view pending comments, get recommended IP Blacklist, view failed logins of each website and much more! Script is based on PHP and encrypted with ionCube encryption. Layout is responsive and you can manage everything from your cellphone or from tablet.


1. Websites must be based on WordPress.
2. "IP Blacklist Cloud" plugin installed and active.
3. "Connect to cloud" option is turned on and you have set the password.
4. MySQL Database.
5. ionCube PHP Loader (supports ionCube encrypted files)
6. Set Password on directory via cPanel. (Optional but Recommended)

Test ionCube Loader

1. Download test_ionCube.zip
2. Unzip and upload testionCube.php to your server / website / directory where you want to install IPBLC Server.
3. Run testionCube.php via browser. Example: https://www.example.com/testionCube.php

From Where Can I Get It?

Currently, we are updating our payment gateway option for payment.

1. Setup

Upload files via ftp to your desired directory and set password to that directory from cPanel to avoid any hack attempt.

Provide administration details and Database details.

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2. Login

Provide login details which you have provided in setup.

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3. Add Websites

Add your websites to server with passwords you have set in settings of IP Blacklist Cloud plugin.

IPBLC Add Websites
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4. Manage Websites

Multiple synchronization among selected websites.
View Pending Comments
View Failed Login Attempts.
Single Synchronization
Delete Website from Database.

IPBLC Manage Websites
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5. Multiple Synchronization

Multiple synchronization lets you synchronize blacklisted IP address addresses among all seleted websites and also saves each blacklisted IP in database. Software auto detects already blacklisted IP address on each selected website and ignores those IP addresses in process which results in less time consumption.

IPBLC Mulitple Sync - Select Websites
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IPBLC Mulitple Sync - Process
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6. Pending Comments

You can view pending comments of each website and blacklist IP address. You can not delete or approve comment from this software.

IPBLC Pending Comments
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7. Failed Login Attempts

You can view failed login attempts and full login details of IP addresses also loads within the page with just one click.

IPBLC Failed Logins
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IPBLC Failed Logins - Single
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8. Recommended Blacklist

Keep your server database up-to-date with blacklisted IP addresses recommended by https://www.ip-finder.me with just one click.

IPBLC - Recommended
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9. Manage IPs

You can manage database of blacklisted IP addresses (server side). Add, search or delete any IP.
Note: Deleting any IP from server will also delete that IP from all websites.

IPBLC - Manage IPs
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